Project Details

Size: 5,100 sq. ft.

Duration: 9 weeks




Pro14 Offices - Full Size-1.jpg

Connect was engaged to complete a full design & build CAT B fit out for Guinness Pro 14 Rugby HQ. 

Project consisted of a full electrical upgrade, executive offices, meeting rooms, bespoke canteen and induction of a shower room. 

Connects design team provided a fully bespoke environmental graphics package which included branded steel signage with halo back lighting, various typography pieces along with wooden lettering, glass manifestations using Aslan Frosting which is a mix of frosting and vinyl, and 3D flowing graphic artwork using vinyl wall coverings.

Pro14 Offices - Full Size-2.jpg
Pro14 Offices - Full Size-5.jpg
Pro14 Offices - Full Size-8.jpg
Pro14 Offices - Full Size-9.jpg
Pro14 Offices - Web Size-6.jpg
Pro14 Offices - Full Size-11.jpg